Is your non-profit’s mission taking a backseat to complex business issues?

We care for your business essentials, so you can amplify your mission.


Amplify Mission provides hands-on support from caring professionals in back office, people & culture (HR), strategic planning and advisory services.

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Four Easy Steps to working with Amplify Mission:

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When you work with Amplify Mission you can expect:

We make it simple

You got into your mission because you had a passion and drive to make the world a better place. It’s what gets you up in the morning. 

Yet you may find that your time and energy are eaten up by everyday business issues and growing regulatory requirements. In fact, they might be causing you to lose sleep.

As your trusted partner we take care of your business essentials and weed through the complexities, so you don’t have to. Let our team of seasoned professionals do the heavy lifting to give you peace of mind. As we journey together, you’ll find that it frees you up to take back your time and focus on your mission. And it happens effortlessly because we make it simple.

We're relational, not transactional

The team you’ll work with at Amplify Mission cares about you and your mission. We are made up of people who value building relationships ahead of any transaction. We walk alongside your people to support and serve. 

If you have a particular pain point that you want to address, we’ll meet you there. If you like a system you’re using, we’ll use it too. If you want to explore different scenarios, we’re available to journey along with you. And we’ll help you make things better along the way. As the well-known African proverb says, if you want to go far, go together. We do that with you.

We build excellence by doing

We are practitioners, not consultants. Consultants can play an important role in your non-profit. But our team of practitioners is rolling up our sleeves to get the work you need done. Our people come from the world of non-profits just like you, so we’re used to solving the same problems you’re facing. Along the way we’ve experimented and tried different things that help us help you make things better. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, getting involved and becoming intimately familiar with your organization. Amplify Mission is full of people who care about what you are accomplishing and doing the work that you can count on, to help you get there. Our clients often refer to our people as a valued part of their team. That’s the excellence-factor we’re aiming for.

What clients are saying:

We’ve partnered with Amplify Mission for the last two years for back office, payroll, and most recently, grant writing. They worked out a solution that fits us well — yet another reason we love working with them. We really appreciated how the team is always looking for the best solution to help us grow!

Mark Stromenberg
Executive Director, Hashtag Hope

Amplify Mission has been extremely professional and responsive to all our Back Office needs. They make us better and provide their services so seamlessly that it feels like an extension…
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Shawn Seargeant
Board Chair, Lionhearts
We engaged Amplify Mission for their Back Office services. They essentially serve as our finance department and working with them has been amazing.

We have a very small staff team and often had to tackle things outside our skillset which robbed us of our valuable time.

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Laura Solberg
Executive Director, Kentro Christian Network
Three mid-20s people smiling

Why work with
Amplify Mission?

When was the last time you set out to accomplish something mission-focused and before you could even start you were reminded of the payroll you had to finish? Or maybe it was a staff issue you needed to resolve, or a compliance deadline you couldn’t miss.

Whatever the task, it probably didn’t feel very simple, and it got you side-tracked from your purpose. You may have felt out of your depth or very alone. You likely wondered: How can I simplify my life? How can I make sure this gets handled well and that I have the right support next time? How can I get back to doing what I am passionate about?

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We’re here when you want to amplify your mission.
We’re usually the team you turn to when:

  • you’re spending too much time on business operations and not enough time on your mission
  • your existing business solutions aren’t working for you anymore
  • you’ve outgrown the capacity of your current team
  • you are looking to scale-up (or down) or take things to a new level
  • you’ve lost a key person or want to insulate your organization from key person risk

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