Back-Office Operations

Instant competence for your back-office

What could you do to advance your mission if you had a strategic partner to take care of the busyness so you could stay focused on the big picture?

Letting Amplify Mission handle your bookkeeping, payroll, accounting and other financial functions gives exceptional leverage and peace of mind to your team. It means that you can instantly add an equipped back-office to your organization.

You’ll get access to our entire team of financial professionals for less than you might invest to find, hire and train a part-time junior person for the role. And we’ll be there to roll with your changes for as long as you need us.

Proper management of your donations, accounts receivable/payable, reconciliation, periodic reporting and annual filings are what helps you make decisions with certainty in an ever-shifting world.

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Invoicing, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

Donation Records and Receipting

Financial Statements and Reporting

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Government Filings, Remittances & Sales Tax Management

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If you can see the benefit of not having to worry about

  • Downtime
  • Employee churn
  • Risky knowledge gaps
  • Scaling quickly and inexpensively
  • Pulling key people off mission

Then you should contact us. We’ll have a discovery call, send you a tailored proposal and together start building a relationship to help you meet your needs.

What clients are saying:

We engaged Amplify Mission for back-office support and our experience working with them was phenomenal — they are a Godsend. They are flexible, have a wealth of insight and wisdom, respond in a timely manner and are always solution focused.

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Sheri McConnell
Executive Director, Mary’s Meals


Keeping your financial records in order is essential to everything you do. Our team helps you set up a simple process, so this becomes quick and easy. From there, our experienced bookkeepers take over to record all your transactions regularly, according to non-profit accounting standards and in keeping with government requirements. And you can see where you stand financially at any time. If there are pieces missing, we’ll work with you to get them, so you can be sure your accounts are complete and accurate.

Payroll Management

Our team has engineered repeatable, accurate systems to prepare and process small and large payrolls delivering precise, timely payments with zero defects. Simplify the payroll for your organization and rely on us to pay your team correctly and in compliance with all CRA and provincial regulations and remittances.

Cashflow Management

Organizations with a deep understanding of their cashflow cycles and forecasts are organizations that can plan and maneuver with confidence. Our team gets you there.

Invoicing, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

The only thing worse than accidentally incurring late payment fees is when your organization receives payments late because you fell behind on invoicing. With Amplify Mission, you pay and get paid on time, every time.

Donation Records and Receipting

Ensure that your charitable donations are handled carefully and according to all CRA requirements. We have in-house expertise in the collection of donations, recording and valuation, and preparing donation tax receipts.

Financial Statements and Reporting

Financial statements and reporting are how your non-profit stays accountable to itself and its stakeholders. Manage your organization and make better decisions with accurate, timely reporting.


Transaction record-matching of all your organization’s financial interactions. It makes for balanced accounting and a balanced bank account.

Government Filings, Remittances & Sales Tax Management

Having a team who is always up to date on government filings and tax requirements in your corner gives you peace of mind. We calculate, record, and file your remittances to keep you compliant, protecting your organization from costly fines or missing out on refunds.

Audit Support

If audits make you uncomfortable, we are here to assist. Whether it’s helping you liaise with auditors, preparing audit workpapers, getting your documentation in order, preparing financial statements or helping you implement the internal controls and recommendations auditors give, you can count on us to walk with you through any audit.

When you work with Amplify Mission you can expect:

An Amplified Mission

We support you with excellent, caring, professional services so you can focus on your mission.

You come first

The team you’ll work with at Amplify Mission cares about you. We value building relationships over completing transactions. We walk alongside your people to support and serve.


We weed through the operational complexities and stay on top of regulatory requirements, to simplify your life and give you peace of mind.

Reliable Practitioners, not consultants

We find and develop the talent, so you don’t have to. Our practitioners roll up their sleeves to get the work done. And you can have confidence that our team has the depth of expertise you need, even as your needs change.

Excellent Value

You have access to a group of experienced professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own, and they feel like an extension of your team.

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