At AMPLIFY MISSION, our Core Focus is to care for your business essentials, so you can amplify your mission.

Our Vision is to be the trusted go-to partner for all essential support services outside of delivering on your mission, for the non-profit organizations and charities we aim to serve.

Amplify Mission is inspired by redemptive entrepreneurship. As entrepreneurs, we direct our work and resources towards organizational creation, innovation and risk. And doing so redemptively means we creatively seek to bless others, renew culture and give of ourselves to serve others. This informs how we do business: our strategy, leadership and operations. *

Strategically, our approach is simple. We value relationships over transactions. We believe that by putting relationships first the impact of our work is humanizing, cooperative, builds trust, and has staying power. Operationally, Amplify Mission aims to bless people rather than treat them as resources. We value grace, humility, empathy and making things better. And finally, our leadership, motivated by a desire to serve, defines success as increasing in generosity, accountability, excellence, and the sharing of power.

*Definitions based on the work of Praxis

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